Golf Club App

The ideal mobile golf app for your Golf Club

1. News & Event Management System:

  • Send Golf Competitions/Days Info and News items straight to Android App via Desktop Application (Dynamic/Realtime)
  • Desktop Application is provided as part of the package.
  • All data saved to online database
  • Reminder Function

2. Scoring System:

  • Enter golf scores in the app and submit to the Pro-Shop.
  • Enter score and app wil calculate points automatically according to handicap / competition format.
  • Send copy of the round to own e-mail address
  • * New: On specific Golf days with golf competition the score details will be submitted to pro-shop where the desktop app will sort points automatically.This will also keep a backup of all scores entered on the webserver database for backup purposes.Results can be printed for immediate availability at prize giving/function.(All scores not entered on android app can be entered manually in the desktop app)* Future releases: Check handicapAccess all previous rounds played and submitted.

3. Course details – easily accessible and always available on mobile phone (In your pocket).

4. Specific realtime weather details

  • Current temperature (Min/Max)
  • Two day Forecast
  • Sunrise/Sunset details

5. Contact Details

  • Contact club directly from links in app
  • View new membership details – Sign Up
  • *Future releases: Check handicap
  • Google Map

6. Desktop Software (Applications)

  • Desktop software interacts with Android App and Webserver database
  • This ensures safe backup of all scores entered.
  • Pro-shop software can access all scores entered via mobile app (all past records)
  • Desktop sofware delivers management systems to several pc’s with user login.
  • No additional monthly fees for MySQL databases on web server.

7. Android App submission on Google Playstore

  • Worcester Golf Club App will be available worldwide on Google Playstore
  • Updates will be done via Google Playstore for new and updated features
  • No fees to use and download app


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